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"Trofej" and "Jecom" - Your hunting partners in Serbia and Macedonia

The hunting in Serbia and Macedonia last year was the best for the past 20 years. We had a very high percentage of roebuck trophies with over 500g weight. At the beginning of September, our guests had shot 3 gold medal red deer in only 2 hunting days, at the same hunting grounds. Sightings of jackals during the evening game have become more frequent. The shooting of jackals is free of charge to our guests, which is just one more reason to go hunting with us this year.

Serbia is a fantastic hunting country. The northern part of Serbia, the Vojvodina, is mostly marked by flatlands, while the central and southern parts are predominantly distinct by hilly and mountainous terrain. Serbia has 55% of usable land, while 27% are forestland. The hunting grounds selected by us, feature unique game populations with capital trophies. We offer accompanied hunting trips, in the spring for strong roebucks, in the summer for quails, in September, during the rutting season, for red deer, and in October, November and December for Balkan chamois. In order to hunt at the best hunting ground, we recommend that you book your hunting trip early.

The hunting grounds for capital roebuck are mostly in Vojvodina, along the river Tisa. The hunting grounds Novi Becej, Novi Knezevac and Kumane are particularly famous. In the central parts of Serbia, at the hunting grounds Topola, Stragari, Velika Plana and Lapovo, one can also find very good trophy qualities. The hunting grounds by the Danube, Apatinski Rit and Kozara, as well as the grounds Morovic, Karakusa and Deliblatska Pescara, are famous for red deer and wild boar. The capital chamois is offered in Macedonia, in the Sara area, and at the Mavrovo National Park. In the past years, our guests were able to shoot chamois between 112 – 115 CIC points. There are also chamois at three hunting grounds in Serbia: National Park Tara, with its fantastic lowlands of the river Drina, and "Djerdap" National Park - "Iron Gate" grounds are famous for first class hunting. For the most part, these hunting grounds are easily wandered and are therefore passable by a person of average physical fitness.

We particularly recommend the moving hunt on red deer and wild boar at the open hunting grounds in Apatin. Each group, which has hunted there, was fascinated by the professional organization, the quantity of game which could be shot and the transparent individual billing. 4 to 5 hunters can shoot over 40 pcs. of game in three hunting days. Those guests which have experienced this hunt once, have become our regular guests in the meantime.

Lately the outfitter and hunting guest must pay more attention to formalities and regulations, regarding weapons transport and trophy import. We will gladly provide you with detailed information about these topics while we also offer assistance for your transport and customs needs. It is very important to declare your weapon, when booking a flight, and to remember brining your green card when arriving by car.

We will do our best to cater to your individual needs and introduce you to the Serbian and Macedonian hospitality. The hunt will be billed according to the accompanying pricelist, which goes into effect stating January 1st, 2022. Prices are subject to change. Further information can be requested at the companies Trofej or Jecom, which will gladly stand at your disposal.

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